Chlorine bleach has long been the go-to for cleaning black mold, mold in attics and mold in basements. While it seems to do the trick it is actually quite ineffective. Moreover, the use household bleach has many negative consequences. Here are five reasons why you should never use chlorine bleach to clean mold again.

1. Chlorine bleach doesn’t kill all mold spores.

Many times, it only removes the stain caused by the mold. This is evident when the mold returns days or weeks later. Bleach is not made to absorb into porous surfaces, therefore it is only minimally effective for mold removal on hard surfaces.

2. Chlorine bleach is a strong caustic chemical.

The respiratory tract can become inflamed by merely inhaling the gas produced by using the chemical. Undiluted, it can cause burns to skin and even tissue death. In less concentrated amounts it is still irritating to eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Bleach is also harmful to pets.

3. Chlorine bleach could contribute to mold growth.

Why would you choose to use something for mold cleanup that actually creates more of a problem? Household bleach is 90% water. When it is diluted to safe-to-use levels it becomes less effective and the liquid left behind provides one key ingredient mold needs to grow, moisture.

4. Bleach is linked to childhood illnesses.

Recent research published in the journal, Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed that school-aged children living in homes where bleach was used frequently had:

• 20% increase in influenza
• 35% increase in tonsillitis
• 18% increase in general infection

5. Chlorine bleach is destructive.

It is corrosive and caustic which is extremely harmful to wood and other common surfaces. It weakens the structural integrity of wood and certain drywall by breaking down the fibers.

6. Chlorine bleach yellows surfaces.

While it is excellent for removing stains, it can create oxidation with repeated use which leaves plastic and many other similar surfaces permanently yellowed. It also makes plastic and acrylic more brittle over time.

A home or business can become infested with mold quickly. The presence of moisture from a roof or plumbing leak creates the perfect environment. Mold can spread rapidly and can engulf a property within just 48-72 hrs. producing allergens and irritants that can have toxic health effects. Professional mold testing, mold removal, and mold remediation may be the best solution. Cleaning with bleach and other household cleaners are ineffective and a danger to structure, surfaces and most importantly a danger to your home.

Updated: April 22, 2017 — 9:00 pm

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