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Water Extraction and Cleanup Services in Troy Michigan

Flood damage can leave a property owner feeling helpless and confused. At Extreme Disaster Restoration, we will take the burden off of your shoulders and provide you with a swift and safe solution.  We are proud to service Troy and the greater Oakland County region. Whether the flood was caused by a storm, sewer backup, broken pipes, or even faulty plumbing equipment, our teams have the experienced needed to remove the water and dry out your property accordingly. Your life will be back to normal in no time, as we have the industry’s best equipment including truck mounted extraction units to quickly remove the water from the affected areas.  We understand that water damage can create numerous issues in your home or business, from damage to your carpeting, drywall, paneling and personal contents. Our job is to quickly assess the damages and provide you with a plan of action to minimize your damages and save as many items as possible. Our technicians can identify that category of water damage (I,II, III) and follow the correct cleanup protocol associated with clean or dirty water guidelines described by the Clean Trust.

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Troy mi flood restoration providers

Disaster Cleanup – Flood Restoration – Basement Flooding Cleanup Troy and Macomb County MI

Water Damage Cleanup Services We Offer

– Emergency water extraction from truck mounted pumps
– Wet carpet water removal
– Setting up and monitoring drying equipment (dehumidifiers, air movers)
– Cleanup from sewer and sewage backups
– Sump Pump repairs and replacement (referred out to local master plumbers)
– Moisture level reading with thermal image cameras and moisture meters
– Reconstruction of finished basements
– Replacing carpet pad and stretching carpeting following mitigation
– Detailed reports and up front pricing estimates

We guarantee to get you back on your feet quickly, as we have all of the proper tools to get the job done in a timely manner. Our technicians are certified from the Clean Trust, which is the industries highest standard. We have dozens of trucks that have extraction pumps, high power air movers, desiccant dehumidifiers and specialized equipment to assist with removing water and drying out your basement.

Mold will quickly begin to grow if moisture has attacked the drywall or carpeting in your property.  If you have previous water damage or flooding that has not been properly dried out, you may notice a mildew or musty odor in your basement. This is a strong sign that you need to have professionals view and evaluate the cause of this issue, examine problematic areas with moisture meters and infrared cameras to detect if their is still lingering moisture that is trying to grow into a larger problem. We can help with any phase of basement restoration, from the initial flood with water extraction and drying, to the repair and clean out. We will service any commercial, residential, or industrial property that has been stricken by flood damage. 


  • Emergency Water Extraction and Pro Dryout
  • Flood Restoration and Water Damage Repairs
  • Flooded Basement Cleanup and Sewer Backup Cleaning Services

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